While most people are expected to watch the Parade of Sail from the land, Falmouth Harbour Commissioners have been making plans to ensure the safety of the many who will no doubt want to get closer to the action and take to the water themselves.

They have been undertaking a number of final plans in cooperation with the Tall Ships organising committee as the countdown begins to the start of the Parade of Sail on Sunday at 12.30pm.

Captain Mark Sansom, harbour master and chief executive of Falmouth Harbour Commissioners, said: “There’s a real excitement in the town as Tall Ships Regatta gets ever closer. As there are no restrictions on the number of leisure craft that can assemble on the water to see the Parade of Sail it is expected that many spectators will try and take the opportunity to enjoy a unique view of the parade.

“We want to help ensure that the |parade of sail is a unique and memorable experience for all involved so we’re |reaching out to all non-competitors and offering some reminders of staying safe on the water.”

The top tips for watching on the water are: 

  • Keep a safe distance away from other craft, particularly competitors – spectators are asked not to approach within 50 metres of the Tall Ships.
  • Consider the effect of your wash on other craft – there will be a large number of vessels travelling in close proximity so make sure that your speed is appropriate and that your wash does not cause a hazard to others.
  • Ensure your craft is suitable and loaded sensibly – skippers are responsible for the safety of their passengers and need to ensure that there are adequate reserves of buoyancy.
  •  Do not linger on the parade track ahead of the parade awaiting the perfect photo opportunity – remember that the competitors are under an obligation to alter course if impeded or in doubt about your intentions.
  • Be particularly vigilant near turning marks or vessels – remember that many of the spectator craft will be trying to change course at the same time so please ensure you leave sufficient sea room to allow for this.
  • Always use a kill cord and ensure that it is attached to the driver of the boat.

The route for the parade will not be finally decided until the day before the race start when a reliable weather forecast is available as it is selected to facilitate the use of sail.

The route will be announced along with the positions of turning marks for vessels, using a port notice issued by Falmouth Harbour Commissioners. This will be available at www.falmouthport.co.uk.