Dredging the Harbour at various locations has been on the agenda for more than 150 years.

The latest announcement by the Falmouth Harbour Commissioners that the application for permission to dredge the harbour has been made is a far cry from the news promulgated in May 1916.

FHC’s annual report said: “ Last year the question of dredging was gone into and a discussion took place as to whether the Commissioners were in a position to carry out part of the work. The measurement of the proposed position of the harbour bank was checked and it was found the cost would be £1,005,500, so it seemed to them absolutely out of bounds to go on as far as the harbour commissioners were concerned. The portion of the harbour they wished to dredge was part of the harbour bank at the north of the Cross Roads.”

Over the years, particularly in the late 1950s there have been many proposals to dredge or “shave off” certain parts of the banks in the Cross Channel to give a greater swinging area for the anchorage.

Commander Rogers, the FHC Chairman said: “The Great War had added very materially to FHC’s finances but the Commissioners wished it was over even if it meant the Board returning to its old financial position.”