The Type 23 frigate HMS Monmouth under the command of Commander Philip Tilden, is due on Friday for a weekend visit. The vessel will berth on County Wharf.

After visiting Cardiff and exercising her freedom of the town of Monmouth just before Easter she has returned to base-port in Devonport where she has conducted Basic Operational Sea Training (BOST).

HMS Monmouth known as the ‘Black Duke’ is the frigate with more battle honours than any other serving warship. The only ship in service with the Royal Navy that has its name painted in black and flies a plain black flag in addition to the ensign. This is due to the dissolution of the title and the blacking out of the Coat of Arms of the Duke of Monmouth in 1685 following the Monmouth Rebellion against James II of England.

The previous Monmouth took part in the Battle of Coronel in 1914. After a game of cat and mouse the opposing British and German fleets fleets finally met off Coronel, south of Valparaiso, Chile in heavy seas. At 1900 hours on November 1st 1914, the German ships attacked. An hour later Monmouth and Good Hope had come under sustained heavy fire. Good Hope already hit by 40 direct hits was on already on fire when a huge explosion ripped through the fore part. She heeled over sinking with all hands. Monmouth suffered the same fate shortly afterwards. A total of 1,600 men perished.