A film tour showcasing a highlights programme of Shextreme Film Festival helping to positively change the way

inspiring women are portrayed on screen in extreme sports and adventure, is coming to Falmouth.

Supported by BFI Film Audience Network, Shextreme Film Tour of UK’s cinematic South West will be at The Poly in Falmouth on Wednesday, October 11.

There is no shortage of amazing women in adventure. However, there is a shortage of filmmakers sharing these empowering stories on screen for all to see. This is what Shextreme Film Tour hopes to address.

The handpicked programme features the crème-da-la-crème of cinematic highlights from Bristol’s Shextreme Film Festival founded in 2015 and Shextreme’s French Alps Tour in 2016. It also includes a showcase of exclusive new film premieres.

The action packed F-rated (directed by women featuring active women) programme includes cold-water surfing in Iceland, climbing the British landscape and skateboarding in Japan.

Cal Major, co-founder of Plastic Against Plastic UK, is a guest speaker. She will share her positive solutions to plastic pollution and sharing insights on her latest solo SUP expedition this Summer circumventing the Isle of Skye.

For more information and how to attend or get involved head to shextreme-film-festival.com or follow Shextreme on socials (/shextremetv or @shextreme).