A touring theatre company will build on the success of performing at The Poly earlier this year as it returns with two plays in one evening at the end of September.

Middle Weight Theatre Company will be performing the two one-act numbers as it shows off the new and original writing of its own up-coming playwright Matt Roberts.

The evening will include Remedies, a play about Brexit Britain which the company performed on its last visit to Cornwall. Set within the four walls of a local pharmacy, the show features two opinionated, strong willed and polarised members of staff.

As they witness the ailments and sicknesses of the public, they may be able to administer the medicine, but can they find the remedy for the the ills of Britain?

The other play, Soundbite, tells the tale of two NASA employees locked away in the agency's headquarters, tasked with the providing Neil Armstrong with the first words to be spoken from the surface of the moon. However, they are suffering from writer's block.

Another one-room performance, the situation comedy was born out of a ten minute sketch routine, and examines questions of leadership, laziness and lack of respect for equality at the time of the moon landings.

Both plays will be performed at The Poly in Falmouth on September 30, for more information go to thepoly.org