I read with great interest your article with regard to the Enys Estate at Penryn.

It was during the last war when, I was then quite young and I was invited on two occasions to a garden party at Enys given by the then Miss Enys. In those days it was a hat, long sleeves, gloves etc, charming, as was the hostess. She was fair-haired and quite lovely.

She became engaged to this Dutchman. He was tall, fair-haired and good-looking. She later discovered that he was already married, very sad. 

I knew it when the Dutch cadets were stationed at Enys. I walked out, so to speak, with about three of the cadets who were from the then named “The Dutch East Indies” – Sumatra and Java. The one I saw a lot of was called Jan. He wrote to me a few years later. It was the case in those days ships that pass in the night.

We used to have tea and delicate cucumber sandwiches and fancy cakes at the then “English Tea Rooms” in town, walk along the seafront etc. They all had to be back at Enys at a certain time as I recall. A bus was laid on which left “The Moor” at I think 9pm or 10pm. 

So I am so glad someone is bringing the Estate back to life; it’s all part of our local history, is it not?

Memories indeed.

Pauline O’Brien,