Once again we see the issue of a stadium for Cornwall raised. This time with ministerial backing for the Truro based project.

But what about the other major part of the constituency, you know the part that has seen virtually no large scale investment since it was joined with Truro over 40 years ago.

I speak of course of Falmouth and district. Falmouth has always been dependent on its harbour where economic development has been stifled by the total lack of political will to get it dredged.

A word of support from Mr Cameron could have seen this desperately needed action to start now. Such action would see the industrial development of the docks area. And possibly the much talked about ferry terminal.

Any such development would require a vast improvement in our roads. In particular a direct link to the A30 a suggested route being across Laity Moor and up through United Downs to Scorrier. But wait a minute United Downs over eight square miles of derelict land. With access to the A30 and the A39 the ideal place for development of shopping malls and a central position for the stadium.

And, with suitable landscaping, plenty of space for very many of the desperately needed homes. So saving our valuable and fast disappearing green fields 

Am I only dreaming of what could be if the political will existed or will the powers continue to push for the over development of Truro and the spending of European money in Pool.

Wake up Cornwall and kick your politicians, now is the time

Stuart Fearn,