I know this subject has been raised numerous times, but I would like to raise it again in the hope that Falmouth town council will think about putting measures in place to rectify the issue.

I drive along Killigrew Street on most Tuesday mornings, to the lovely sight of household waste strewn across pavements and roads everywhere. The attached photo is an example of one place this morning.

Surely the council have to address this? If they say they are already, then it is having no effect. Visitors to the town will surely be delighted by the sight that greats them in the early Tuesday morning hours. And private owners of adjoining properties, that respect cleanliness around their properties, must be pulling their hair out, and no doubt are having rat issues on and around their dwellings.

I may not be totally correct, but I believe the majority of premises that this happens outside of are rented student accommodation – they pay no council tax and neither does the landlord – it therefore frustrates me to see groups of council workers spending valuable time, perhaps even overtime, cleaning this avoidable mess up, as was the case further down the road this morning, at no cost to the tenant or the landlord, but indirectly at a cost to myself and all other council tax payers.

Surely the refuse collection personnel can be given the instruction to note the offending addresses and take supporting photos, so that re-offending premises can be taken to task?

Name and address supplied