My family and I are devastated at the loss of our cat, Luna, who has been missing since her first birthday, Thursday 1st April, from our home in Bar Road Falmouth.

Having knocked, leafleted, postered and searched the area around our home and local vets and supermarkets, I called the council environmental health department, as they are responsible for removing dead animals from the public highway, and if Luna had been killed in a traffic accident we would want to know. I was horrified to be told that the council only keeps records of dogs that are removed, no other animals at all. I asked if there was not at least a work log kept of some sort which said what removals had been made and was reassured that no records are made of any other removals. Again, I explained that my cat had a collar on with an address tube, and asked would they not have made some sort of record and was told no; the young lady said no, and she didn't know why it was only dogs and not cats, but that this was the case.

We appeal to anyone who may know where Luna might be to get in touch, but we find this unbalanced policy most upsetting. If one of your readers called the council to remove our Luna, a blue grey Maine Coon female cat, with a cream front and blushes of ginger, and tufty ears, could they please let us know, as not knowing is truly awful.

Equally, if anyone has seen her in their neighbourhood, can they please get in touch? She is very fluffy and an intrepid outdoor cat so would probably be full of twigs and leaves by now.

My husband Richard can be contacted on 07514 960580, or email Our home number is 01326 722602 but we will be in and out looking for Luna.

Thank you for your help - I am attaching some photos in case they are helpful.

Kind regards Liz Benson The Nook, Bar Road Falmouth TR11 4BX