Remembrance Day is rapidly approaching, a special time when we honour those who made the ultimate sacrifice in defence of our way of life.

But unfortunately we will no longer be able to purchase our poppies in Falmouth. because apparently no one in our town is willing to undertake the immense task of organising the collections.

I feel that it would be a serious mistake to allow this fact to reflect badly on local people when the responsibility for this mess rests solely on the shoulders of the Royal British Legion.

When the Cornwall County Office of the RBL forcibly shut down the Falmouth branch, against the wishes of the members, it created a vacuum. Because those members who had for years actively supported the organisation here in Falmouth were obliged to move to another branch if they still wished to volunteer their services.

The lack of a volunteer co-ordinator will almost certainly lead to a serious reduction in that fund raising effort in Falmouth and if I may I would like to make a suggestion to the RBL area office.

That perhaps they should consider making up any possible shortfall in that fundraising from the salaries of the paid county officials, now residing in an office in Plymouth, who with blundering incompetence and, demonstrating sheer arrogance, closed what was probably Cornwall's oldest legion branch (Falmouth opened in 1926).

P.S. I am one who fully supports our armed services but is also a seriously aggrieved ex-member of the Royal British Legion.

S Roberts,