Reading the article about camper vans and people camping along the sea front.

People could do well to remember that people are providing their own homes, not claiming housing benefit which is hundreds of pounds a month per person from the tax payer. That could be used for the NHS or education or social housing, that's desperately needed since Thatcher sold off a large percentage, as well as other assets, to private foreign shareholders.

Also, people staying in camper vans spend their money locally, not in some far-off Disneyland or elsewhere.

In Europe most places have facilities in town, for example water, toilet emptying facilities, as they want to attract people to spend money.

Nobody is leaving a mess, in fact I actually clean up others people's mess as I'm aware I will get blamed for it.

Some house owners love to speak to me.

Some people who live in these vans due to very expensive rents provide services to locals, like roofing and gardening.

Some of them have served in the armed forces, and some if not all like to live a simplistic life as well.

Never look down on someone unless you are helping them up.

Pete 'the roofer Mandley - who spends his life putting roofs over other people's heads.