Councillor Eva seems to have a very selective memory.

He stated just before the last election “I would quite happily confirm that in my opinion the “green corridor” between Budock and Falmouth should be maintained at all costs to keep both identities separate.” Amazingly, shortly after the election his views changed and he stated at a council meeting about plans to build 300 houses off Bickland Water Road, “I feel that's the right place to put them and I would support it.”

He complains about the space between Falmouth and Budock being built on, but he seems to have forgotten that when he was a county councillor he successfully argued for 1,100 more houses to be built in Falmouth on top of the thousands already allocated. Where did he think these additional houses were going to be built? Look at the big picture; there are no other places to build a large amount of homes but on Bickland Water Road.

But now, at the Falmouth Council’s last planning meeting he said of the space between Falmouth and Budock, “We have never ever supported building on this land.”

His memory seems to have let him down again, but he seemed to remember to leave council meetings early to go and play cards without any problems.

His memory lapse also seems to extend to his political affiliation. He joined the Liberal Democrats, at the latest, in March this year. He has forgotten to tell the electorate about that. It surprises me that the Liberal Democrats have never announced it. Maybe Councillor Eva also forgot he said, “I may be old fashioned, but I believe anyone who represents the public should be completely honest and trustworthy and should not rely on lies to be elected”. For once I agree with him.

Before any planning is agreed we should always check that the infrastructure is in place to cope with the demand of an increase in population. Are the schools able to cope with extra children, can our doctors or hospitals cope with extra patients, can the police cope – the answers to these questions are plain to see. Take note, the more houses we build the more we generate problems.

Roger Bonney