I was the project manager when the bowling alley was built by Nicholls Builders.

I have been reading with interest the development of this piece of land , not only from a construction angle but also because I live in Falmouth. It was particularly interesting in this weeks Packet where there is talk of an archaeological survey to be carried out over the whole site.

During construction of Ocean Bowl when we actually discovered the shelter and actually went inside, the main building itself was pile driven with trench foundations then being dug, which took place after an initial site strip of sub base material, also the main storm water drainage was the digging of approximately a rectangular hole in the ground measuring some 50 meters long by 20 meters wide and some 5 meters deep , this excavation took place in the car park area.

I can confirm that in both of the aforementioned operations that there was no evidence of any archaeological remnants. I thought I would share this information with yourselves.

Wayne Rundle