I read with interest your article about the Mackerel Homes within the port area [Campaigns launch to halt channel bid, page 7, October 5) and the report that these homes are at risk of deterioration and damage.

Were these homes constructed without planning permission or compliance with building regulations and do we know who the landlord is – if it is a house shark then we could identify it and end this abusive practice. Do these fish who live in these homes pay any rent for them and do they contribute to any payment for waste or sewage disposal? I ask this question because the human population of Cornwall have over last few years paid a lot of money to improve the environment within the coastal area which has no doubt increased the fish numbers to a point where our human efforts could now be undermined. Has this led to an increase in fish trafficking and the plight of these poor mackerel living in what must be an overpopulated area and having to eat a restricted diet ?

To be serious a controlled dredge of the area can hardly be described as gouging the river bed since it would be carried out by specialist human contractors who have licences from Defra to complete their work.

I also question the thinking (or lack of it) that in creating this SCE some current activities could be banned within and adjacent to the SCE – these include ship or boat movements (no sailing, no commercial or pleasure engine driven movements including the use of lifeboats and Coastguard rescue craft) no fishing or overhead aircraft movements (bye bye Red Arrows). Reduced noise and light pollution (no lights or electrical power usage at night and no seagulls squawking). Life would be very different and I am not sure thousands would sign up to a return to the dark ages.

If this is to go ahead I am also asking for similar restrictions to be placed on the entrance to every other port in Great Britain including the Port of London where some might go for it if it meant the end to flights over the city during the restricted periods and the closure of Heathrow. Just a level playing field for Cornwall and Falmouth.

Please oppose these campaigns and contact the MMO to allow the harbour to be dredged, allow these fish to return to the sea where they can swim naturally in unrestricted waters.

Bruce Hobbs,