On reading your piece in the Helston packet on Dean Quarry I feel compelled to write to you.

In my honest opinion you have not done much in the way of home work with your front page piece. In two minutes on the internet and I have found the below document pictured which clearly shows the mineral extraction permit for the site, so for you to put in a piece quoting that it is unlawful is clearly wrong. It also clearly says that the site is mothballed and not dormant this means the quarry can start blasting and extraction at any point.

The blocking on the construction of the jetty will mean that the rock will have to be transported by road to Swansea through all of the little picturesque villages like St Kevern increasing road congestion and traffic ten fold.

The meaning of mothballed in quarrying is that the site is under care and maintenance but never officially closed.

Daryl Brooks,