We were pleased to see the balanced approach in your recent article about our charity’s plans for the regeneration of Bosvale in Falmouth being approved on appeal.

Of course we understand that there are mixed feelings towards our development but we feel passionately about what we can bring to the area; be it through shared facilities, employment and volunteering opportunities.

As mentioned in the article, this development will provide much needed affordable housing for our older people in the area, but we also hope to engage the entire community through new spaces and amenities. These include a beautiful new community centre, therapy rooms, a cafe and bookable assisted bathing facilities.

We completely understand the views surrounding the perceived loss of green space and we’d like to reassure residents that the open spaces created as part of this project will be open for all. There will be walkways with seating, a regenerated and fully dredged river area, a sensory garden and a children’s play area all created as part of the development as a whole.

Yours faithfully,

Sam Tabiner, Development Manager Abbeyfield Society