So now the university proudly announces they have a fleet of ten new buses. Well, unfortunately, this will do nothing to ease the parking and congestion on the streets of Falmouth, Mabe and Penryn.

Students bring cars to university - FACT. They have every right to an many say they need a car for their assignments. However when these students arrive they find they cannot park at the campus unless they arrive early and they are charged around £25 a week if they can find the space.

Common sense for them to leave their cars on the streets and catch the subsidised luxury buses.

Now most of the student population has returned home for Christmas there are spaces on most roads. So why are Falmouth residents being asked to pay for parking permits because of the university's lack of enthusiasm to provide basic facilities such as adequate parking for students.

Most of the animosity towards students in the towns is caused by a lack of parking - make the university provide it.