Re the Kipper's comments in the Falmouth Packet, regarding the lack of consultation in respect of the lack of transparency of parking charges in Falmouth.

Yes! Cornwall council have been very evasive on the subject, but what about the proposed pay and display car park on Pendennis Point, which they have been proposing. Even Carrick District Council tried to do the same thing many years ago.

Many years ago Martins Ice Cream challenged the Carrick District Council in court, as to the ownership of the land, Carrick District Council lost the court case and had to pay costs.

Even the first Tall Ships pensioners had to pay to park on the headland, the money was then reimbursed by the council.

I am told that half of the land is owned by car parks, the other half is owned by the highways department. Is this true? Or is it the case that Martin's Ice Cream challenged the council and won on the grounds that the land was jointly owned by the MOD and the other half was gifted to the people of Budock for recreational use?

Can any of your readers help with information to assert whether this is correct.

John Carter,