I feel its time Falmouth and Penryn made a serious stand against the university it now seems our local planning committee at Penryn council have withdraw their objections to the increase in student numbers which leaves a lot of angry people in both towns the parking in the local streets is horrendous and the university are not interest in local opion on this .

We all see in the local press the new parking restrictions and yellow lines to be installed

Why should local residents have to pay for permits etc when students cars are causing most of the problems in both towns and have done for many years and will continue for

Years to come with another 2500 students coming and in a few years time the university

Will asked again for numbers of students to be raised again and the answer will be yes again as we have already made a presedence.

I would suggest that the green fields be save all planning applications cancelled and if any new buildings need to be built the university sainsburys and both town council planning committees and Cornwall council planning sit down and discuss the ponsharden site, It would be ideal to build on this site the building could be several stories high without impacting on the local communities build a muti storey car park for all their vehicles

Unless the university bring in a no car policy which would be even better news for the local

Community's with a bus stop just outside to take them to and from the campuses.

It would also tidy up the last eye sore on the entrance to Falmouth.

I feel as a local council tax payer it's also about time all houses of multiple occupants

Should pay the same poll tax as all other locals have been doing for years,which in the

Long term might help us to have all the services we used to have.