The proposed student village between Treluswell and Treliever, if given planning permission, is likely to have far-reaching consequences for the local populations of Penryn, Falmouth and surrounding villages.

On the positive side, it would ease the pressure of student housing problems in Penryn, Falmouth and Mabe but the negative effects would be: one, major loss of identity for Mabe, having to adjust to a new village of temporary inhabitants to be built in countryside 2km away; two, a traffic problem akin to the congestion between Truro and Chiverton Cross with the proposed park-and-ride and another roundabout on the Treluswell – Treliever road; three, greatly increased noise and light pollution from 2,000 students, a park-and-ride, shopping facilities and a hotel, thus compounding the pollution already received from the Tremough Campus which affects the surrounding villages; four, massive amounts of surface water in an area which is already under pressure.

These are just some of the main problems.

It is, therefore, worrying, that public views are unlikely to be relayed to Cornwall Council. By accident, or design, the planning pre-application was listed on the council planning website as

PA16/01891/PREAPP | Preapp PPA for Treluswell Student Village Development | Land At Penvose Farm Roskrow Penryn Cornwall. This could be found by searching for Treluswell, Roskrow or Penvose.

However, the more recent application was listed as follows:

PA16/11983 | Outline application for proposed development of a student village, new highways access, landscaping and associated infrastructure. | Land To East Of A39 Between A39 And Railway Line North Of Penryn Penryn Cornwall

It cannot be found on the council planning website by searching for any of the previously mentioned villages and Penryn student village is not even acknowledged on the site search facility

Therefore, if a member of the public has not noted the planning application number when reading the local newspaper, the person cannot find the site to lodge an objection.

This is, surely, a very unfair way of manipulating public opinion in a high impact planning proposal.

Carolyn Wilkins

[Note: The planning application was scheduled to be discussed at a meeting of Penryn Town Council on Tuesday, as the Packet went to press. A full report should be forthcoming next week.]