Congratulations to Falmouth town council for putting local people first regarding their houses in mulTremough occupation policy (HMOs).

When the original planning application came up for Tremough we were told at Kerrier by Exeter University the student accommodation would all be on site. We had no reason to disbelieve them as there was plenty of land surrounding the old college.

I personally could see future problems at Tremough and voted against the whole complex, the Scorrier site would have been better, unfortunately both Penryn, Falmouth and the then county council supported it as did at that time local members, now the chickens are coming home to roost I'm sorry to say it's too late crying over spilt milk as we Cornish say.

Falmouth are very lucky to have some excellent councillors and a very good town clerk in Mark Williams so I'm sure action will be taken to remedy the problem, the university railroaded Tremough their original third choice on the good folk of Penryn and seem to think they are a law unto themselves.

It's all about money and it stinks.

Tommy Bray,

Four Lanes,