How many of your readers are feeling sorry for the Tories and their supporters in Cornwall? Not too many, I suspect, after their debacle in trying to form an administration on Cornwall Council.

Once again they have proved Teresa May right when she called them the Nasty Party.

First of all, they ousted their former party leader, that honourable man, John Keeling, and elected a person who had only been on Cornwall Council for just over a year.

Looks like history repeating its self because we all know that they did the same thing to another of their honourable leaders, Alec Robertson, a few years ago.

Then they tried to impose their divisive manifesto on the independent group as a part of their proposed deal to form a coalition at County Hall. Is it any wonder that the indies unanimously turned them down. The old saying, a leopard never changes its spots, has never been so well proved.

Now they are crying 'foul' because the indies have agreed a deal with the Lib Dems. The Tories are saying that this is not democracy because they are the largest party on Cornwall Council and the electorate of Cornwall, who did actually vote, voted for change. But, hello, that is definitely not the case because two thirds of the electorate voted otherwise.

Let's hope that is also the case come the general election on June 8. It's time to kick the Tories into the long grass.

Des Mennear,