The independents should hang their heads in shame. Joining up with the Lib Dem group will mean another disastrous four years for the people of Cornwall.

The Tories shot themselves in the foot by getting rid of a very good councillor John Keeling who was highly respected by all his colleagues from all political groups while on Kerrier District Council. To stab a sick man in the back is contemptible and by his Tory colleagues some of whom are wet behind their ears and served only a couple of years on the council, John Keeling would have made a very good leader and taken the council in a forward direction, now all we've got is the same old mishmash of wannabes and know it alls who from their past record proved to be useless.

Could you see the likes of Pam Lyne, Armorel Carlyon, myself and independent councillors with backbone accepting this? I think not.

The independents wouldn't go in with the Tories the largest group but were prepared to sell their souls for an administration we wanted kicked out.

John you're better off without them, get well soon, nothing like stabbing you in the back when you're down.

Tommy Bray,

Four Lanes