The news seems dominated by planning applications this week that give an insight into the long-term future of Falmouth and the surrounding countryside.

There is the application to build a Premier Inn in Falmouth town centre, plans to expand the university campus at Woodlane, and proposals for a massive solar farm at Halvasso.

Now each of these proposals may be different, but they all have one thing in common - developers claiming they represent ‘progress’.

Now I am not one for saying everything should stay exactly the same - there is no way you can build a sustainable future without change.

However, you do have to stand back sometimes, look at a project and work out exactly who it will benefit in the long term. That is the problem with all three of the applications currently under consideration.

The Premier Inn plans pay no attention to the effect of placing a branded budget hotel in the centre of a town known for its independent businesses.

The university plans, while needed for an improved offer for students, pays no attention to its impact on local residents.

Similarly, the Halvasso application, while providing much needed renewable energy, will destroy the views of local residents and wipe thousands off house prices in the area and damage tourism.

Yes, we need progress if we are to create a successful and properous future for Cornwall.

However, we must make sure we do not destroy everything that makes Cornwall so special in the process.