Well the people of Cornwall have spoken, and if there is one word that sums up the response to the Police and Crime Commissioner election it would be ‘harumpf’.

Just over 15 per cent of people bothered to turn up and vote. To be honest about the same as the number of turkeys that vote for Christmas. What this means for the lucky winner is that he has the democratic legitimacy of a turnip.

Let’s face it, millions of pounds spent on perhaps the biggest waste of your money since the Millennium Dome was built as a vast vanity project, is not the most auspicious of starts.

And that is before I even mention the fact that we as a country, and county, cannot afford to protect the vulnerable, house the homeless, keep crime figures down and keep bobbies on the beat.

Time will tell whether the new PCC can overcome the shambolic, wasteful manner in which he won the, well remunerated, post.

Something else has also been raising your pal the Skipper’s ire this week, solar parks on farmland.

The true scale of the solar goldrush on Cornwall’s fair fields is starting to become clear. With those legendary intellects in County Hall yet to refuse an application, a revolution is brewing on the highways and byways of the Duchy.

Called the “biggest change to the Cornish landscape since the Industrial Revolution”, plans are afoot for hundreds of these, with their fences, security cameras, shipping container sized units, hedge cutting and herbicides by the tonne.

Don’t get me wrong, more green energy is good, provided the communities where they are sited benefit.

But how exactly does an industrial scale solar park owned by a Chinese or German finance company, designed to hoover up taxpayer cash, help a rural community that relies on tourism.

I guess the planning fees must be huge, can there be any other reason for the indecent rush to cover the county?