I have been accused in the past of finding fault, and focusing on the negative, albeit mainly by those who are the target of my ire, but this week all I have to say is a big well done.

First up was the stirling response to the wild weather that saw homes flooded, roads disappear underwater, trees come crashing down, and a raft of other problems across the area.

Emergency services and Cornwall Council have been rushed off their feet dealing with hundreds of problems, and what a job they did.

All deserve our thanks and respect for their hard work and dedication.

For those who are facing a difficult time due to damage or flood, my thoughts are with you.

Those looking for their usual helping of vitriol, are no doubt disappointed, but credit where credit is due. I was always taught that if you cannot say ‘good job’, then you have no right to say, ‘bad job’.

In other news this week, University College Falmouth has been told it will become a fully fledged university, the first in Cornwall.

This is a massive achievement, and credit should go to all those involved.

Your pal the Skipper has opined at length on the many problems caused by the lack of housing, but that has never been the university’s fault, rather a failure of political will, and the facilitation of huge profits for the buy to let empire builders that have flourished, at the expense of families and young people.

The university brings vastly more benefits than problems, and is something to be celebrated, regardless of the naysayers.

It brings money, fresh ideas, talent and much more into Cornwall, a county that has suffered with these heading north for far to long The Skipper is happy to raise his glass to one and all that study and work at the new university. Long may its success continue.