It is said that all political careers end in failure, but it seemed at times this week like the whole political edifice at the Blue Kremlin was crumbling.

First up we have the resignation of the Tory group political leader, Fiona Ferguson, from the cabinet, over the use of "lie detector tests" to check whether people are telling the truth about council tax.

The question about how much these dubious methods are costing will have to be answered another time, but I for one am not keen on being assumed a liar and a cheat in all but name.

Next up is the "scaremongering" about what will have to be cut unless the council's plan to make the very poorest people in Cornwall, not the richest, pay more council tax.

Now we are told that tourism cash, care, access to democracy and many other noble things will have to end.

It amazes me that I have not heard "will someone not think of the children" as part of the obvious attempt to manufacture our and the councillors' consent to push ahead with unwanted plans that have already been democratically rejected.

All we can hope for is that the election arrives before the rudderless ship, riven by party infighting and manufactured rows between two parties - whose coaltiion caused most of the problems - hits the rocks hard.

For one who has been pointing out the huge wastes of cash and mammoth-sized egos living high on the hog for years, I have only two words guaranteed to strike fear into their hearts...

Election day!


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