There can only really be one subject for this week’s column: the decision to make the very poorest working people in Cornwall pay to fill a council tax black hole at Cornwall Council. Shameful does not even come close.

But first I want to raise a question about modern business. We are told how investment unlocks potential and how we need to speculate to accumulate, but is it just me who has noticed that a business does not seem to be a business these days without some sort of Soviet style support?

A press release from the Cornish LEP, that’s a Local Enterprise Partnership to you and me, arrived in front of me this week.

It celebrated the move of a wind power company to the Newquay Airport Enterprise Zone.

Now I would love someone to explain this to me, so get in touch if I am wrong, but is this business in 2013?

A taxpayer funded quango celebrates the arrival of a company from an industry that relies on taxpayer subsidy to a zone set up and funded by the taxpayer.

Now it cannot be only me that thinks this is a touch strange, and expensive to those who are paying for it all, the taxpayer? Let me know if I am barking up the wrong tree.

Now back to the council tax hole. We had a councillor saying rich people struggled more than the poor as they had higher bills, while others competed to cover themselves in sackcloth and ashes as they “reluctantly” dammed families to destitution.

But I have railed against this cruel decision before, so I will let someone who called to say they face the very real impacts have the final say: “Final financial nail in the coffin for me and my nine year old boy. Eighty quid a week coming in, time to turn off the heating.”