No Skipper column would be complete without a glimpse into the shennanigans at Cornwall Council, but this week’s will have to be short, mainly becauses most of my day has been spent with my head in my hands.

After deciding to make the poorest people pay council tax amid warnings of doom and gloom, Lib Dem and Tory councillors are competing to wear sackcloth and ashes, and pushing for a freeze.

So to clarify, with a chance to kick half of them out coming in May, a frantic attempt to curry favour is underway.

The poor should be allowed to suffer in order to fill a council tax black hole, apparently, but some councillors don’t want to make the rest of us help, in case they lose their place at the trough.

Tax freeze for millionaires, bailiffs for the poorest. What a world we live in. Shameful!