Your pal the Skipper is not going to horse around this week, rather he is going to sink his teeth into the meat scandal that has made a lot of people feel a little queasy.

The problems of a system that tries to extract as much profit out of animals and that transports bits of flesh from one side of Europe to another is well documented, but I, and I am sure a lot of you, trusted that those selling it to us were at least keeping one eye on our interests.

The factory scale food processors, who sprinkle their PR with ‘sustainable’ and ‘expertly sourced’ have been shown to be full of little more than hot air. The muck that is slopped onto trays at schools and hospitals, while hugely profitable for the food firms, has been the focus of expose after expose for years, but at least ‘Turkey Twizzlers’ contained real turkey.

But at least now we all know where we stand and what we should do, and I cannot say this loudly enough, eat Cornish!

Cornwall is full of farmers and companies who create wonderful food, as well as butchers and fishmongers who know their trade and would not secretly sell you a donkey steak if their lives depended on it.

So go on, forget the salt, fat and sugar filled horse lasagne and support Cornwall, and if you think it is to expensive – then eat more vegetables, I am told they are good for you.