And so it has come to this! As the ongoing austerity, for some, continues to bite hard, we are starting to see the real impacts in this sunny part of the UK.

Thousands of Cornwall's elderly, infirm and vulnerable adults and their loved ones, many who struggle more than most with what life throws at them, now face another unwanted challenge as Cornwall Council looks to save money on its domiciliary care budget.

It should come as no surprise that the authority would be going after our grannies and grandfathers, the powers that be at County Hall have past form. This decision to treat the vulnerable like little more than animals in a battery farm, to be ‘cared for’ at the lowest cost, will have a serious impact.

Whether it is care workers across the county in fear for their jobs as a result of the shake-up or the vulnerable who are left in limbo without the comfort of knowing who will carry out care, or even if anyone will.Many vulnerable clients, many of whom suffer from dementia are used to the routine, and face the prospect of having these disrupted. A distressing prospect at best. Now that is not to say the council is all to blame, although we all suspect how much cash has been wasted over the years, after all the Government has to take a fair share as it controls the purse strings..

Time will tell whether the decision will save any significant sum, but the stress and suffering has already started.