There have been rich pickings this week and your pal The Skipper has wondered which utter failure of imagination or mis-management should be the focus of his weather eye.

First up was the bill for the disastrously divisive ferry link in Penzance finally flopping onto the welcome mats of Cornish taxpayers.

Whether you were for or against the scheme (and let’s face it the millions spent has bought us at best little) at least it has finally be settled that one councillor can be trusted with little other than colouring-in book and a fork with a cork in the corner seat. (You know who you are!) Here is hoping that whatever shape the reborn link takes, it is not pushed through with the seemingly standard vain-glorious attitude of our leaders.

You have to trust that now Cornwall Council have had their fingers burnt, whoever is brave enough to suggest a plan actually listens to the public this time.

Next up was the gem that Cornwall Council’s pensions fund have a tidy sum invested with those well known bastions of health, openness and honest medical research, tobacco companies.

This puts the hiring of walking bus co-ordinators and various other “healthy” projects in the shade. Shame is too weak a word for this hypocrisy.

Where on one hand they harp on about exercise and eating fruit and veg, with the other they tuck away £24.5 million into an industry that has actively promoted and sold cigarettes to young children, and still does overseas.

Helping fund the slow death of innocents abroad, and forcing staff, who may have had family members suffer from the range of horrific diseases caused by smoking, to invest for their retirement with smoking companies, all while shovelling your money into a deep dark hole, and infuriating half the population of a town, surely a quality performance by even Cornwall Council’s already high standards.