New plans to build on the land between Budock Water and Falmouth will have come as no surprise to residents living near the green fields currently separating the two settlements.

The only difference this time is the sheer size of the application, covering a mile-long strip of land and stretching half a mile across.

It will be the end of Budock Water as a village, changing it into a suburb of the ever-growing Falmouth overnight.

There seems to be little anyone can do to stop the process from happening, especially with the growing demand for housing in the area.

The only two areas available for developers are those standing between Falmouth and Penryn and Falmouth and Budock Water. However, surely more thought must be given towards what type of housing is built.

We cannot simply keep building expensive, luxury housing and expecting it to solve our housing shortfall.

With lower than average wages earned by Cornish workers, this county, more than almost anywhere else in the UK, needs affordable homes.

We have all heard tales of Cornish people being forced to move away because they cannot afford to buy a home.

If planners are unable to turn down these planning applications, then surely they must make sure they do the next best thing, and ensure enough affordable homes are built to benefit local families.