One of Helston's main shoe shops has finally shut its doors, after announced its closure in July. The Stead & Simpson store has been plastered with bright orange 'closing down' signs for months, now it seems that the store has finally closed.

A sign outside the store says staff are 'sorry to be saying goodbye. The closure leaves an empty unit in a prominent position in the town centre.

At the time Shoe Zone Group, which owns Stead & Simpson, said the store in Helston and another Penzance aware closing down due to “poor performance and rising costs which make the locations unsustainable”.

Helston residents, were initially led to believe the shop was shutting back in 2009, when 'closing down sale' signs were put in the window.

After 18 months of waiting, as the shop gradually fell into disrepair, it was announced the store was to be turned into a Shoe Zone. However in May last year this decision was reversed, and the parent company decided it should remain a Stead & Simpson branch and refurbished the shop front.