Thoughtful students from Falmouth School have been drawing on their past memories to present a slice of their former lives to their new peers.

As part of a project that the year seven children started in their primary schools, they have been preparing “Memory Boxes” filled with meaningful and significant memorabilia from their past.

They then presented these completed boxes to their friends and family as well as an invited panel of judges.

Dawn McColl, from the school, said: “The presentations varied tremendously – as did the content of the boxes – but all the students did an amazing job.”

The overall winner for the girls was Bonnie from 7DR, who overcame the challenge of preparing a PowerPoint and then having an unforeseen technical failure, Mrs McColl said.

“Bonnie carried on stoically and talked about many things in her box before inviting members of the audience to assess her demonstrating Egyptian Dancing – complete with appropriate clothes!” The other winner was TJ from 7JO who impressed the judges with his photos and confident delivery. Mrs McColl said: “All the students did very well, and it was so difficult to make a decision. “Other presentations of note came from Lois who had a beautifully decorated box, Oliver who spoke with fantastic inflection and emphasis in his delivery and Milly who included a poem she had especially written in her prestentation.”

Special thanks went to the panel of judges who were David Cole from Watson Marlow, Samantha Howard from Elemental UK Watersports and Adventure Centre |and Siobhan Garland from Falmouth Sports Club.