A TEENAGE girl started hammering on a former friend’s door at 8am demanding she came outside for a fight.

The 16-year-old from Falmouth, who cannot be named for legal reasons, also threw stones at the windows at the home in Penryn.

She pleaded guilty at Truro Magistrates’ Court to using threatening behaviour at Penryn on September 8.

Gail Hawkley, prosecuting, said the young victim had been woken up to hear the defendant shout her name and calling her to go outside and fight with her.

The two had been friends until about four months ago.

The defendant, who was with another girl known to the victim, started punching a rear door.

The younger girl made sure the door was locked and then called the police.

She later told officers: “I was very scared believing she and the other girl would break in and harm me.”

The defendant had made threats to her in the past that she would beat her up.

When questioned by the police, the 16-year-old said she had gone to the house to get some clothes belonging to her mother.

Ms Hawkley said officers who went to the scene considered the defendant and her companion were both drunk.

She said defendant had a drink banning order made against her at a previous court hearing which would continue until June next year. This had followed her court appearance in June when a referral order was made after she was convicted of two assaults.

These took place at Penryn when defendant had attacked a woman at the local rugby club after calling her a whore.

She had grabbed the woman’s face and clawed at it with her nails.

Another woman who went to help was bitten on the arm by the defendant, and told the police she thought the girl |had behaved “like a wild animal”.

Deborah Von Kohler, defending, said the offences all related to her drinking.

In September she had been drinking with her friend throughout the evening and into the early hours.

The magistrates imposed a 12 month youth rehabilitation order with a ten-day activity requirement and made a new drink banning order for a year.