A former president of Helston-Lizard Rotary Club has left a lasting legacy to the school at which he was a governor.

Despite his death in August, George Armstrong’ legacy has continued to support Nancealverne School, near Penzance, through donations amounting to £1,000 made to Rotary supported causes at his funeral. Some 300 people attended the funeral of Mr Armstrong, 69, who was a member of Helston-Lizard Rotary Club for 25 years.

During his time as club president, he decreed the school where he was on the board of governors should be a special case for Rotary support. After discussions with Mr Armstrong’s long-term partner, Jenny Fairfax, the club decided to donate the entire collection to the school.

Headteacher Fiona Flindell was presented with a cheque during a meeting of the club at the Wheel Dream restaurant.