SOME of Europe’s most attractive birds have been spotted on a rare visit to Falmouth.

Up to seven waxwings, pictured, have been seen feeding on berries in a garden in Marlborough Crescent in recent days.

Local resident Steve Ogden said: “There has been a huge invasion of these birds into the Uk from Scandinavia and Northern Europe in recent days.

“These mass invasions are normally triggered by severe weather and a lack of berries in their normal wintering quarters.

“One of their favourite foods are the bright red Cotoneaster berries and flocks of waxwing will often turn up in peoples gardens and feed on a single bush until the berries have all gone and then move on to find another.

“Normally we don't see many this far south in Cornwall but this year looks as if it is going to be an exceptional year for them.

“They are stunningly attractive birds, even those people not normally interested in birds love to see them.”