Visitors to Falmouth are being encouraged to “Shop Local – Think Falmouth” in a new campaign launched in the town.

Organised by the Falmouth Business Improvement District (BID), residents and visitors are asked to think ‘local’ when it comes to shopping, not just at Christmas but all year round.

The initiative is part of the long-running Support the High Street campaign in Falmouth that has seen the BID fighting on the behalf of businesses both regionally and nationally. This has included a visit to the Houses of Parliament.

This next stage will see businesses put up posters and stickers in their windows, plus adverts put in bus shelters, highlighting the importance of supporting local businesses and the community that they serve.

Richard Wilcox, the Falmouth BID manager said: “There are real threats and challenges to towns as never before; rapid increase in market share regards online shopping/e-commerce, out of town retail competition, car park tariffs, business rate hikes and VAT increases.

“This means that we need to be as proactive and innovative as possible in highlighting the diversity, interest and quality of our town offering and that is exactly what the Falmouth BID is trying to do.”

He said free parking in February, one of the quieter months, attracted more people to the town and new festivals have been organised to help boost trade.

“The Shop Local Think Falmouth campaign has already galvanised extensive business support, which is terrific and demonstrates that Falmouth working together can achieve a lot more and be an even more compelling place to visit,” added Mr Wilcox.

The latest initiative has the support of businesses. Paul Hodge, Octopus Printers, said: “The trading environment is as tough as I can remember and so proactive schemes and ideas that support and promote businesses and the town are very much welcomed.”

Sally Ireland, from Coast Casuals, agreed: “We welcome any idea that promotes Falmouth, its diverse retail offering, atmosphere and vibrancy. New events, effective marketing, free car parking – all these help to support the town and us and encourage visitors to experience Falmouth and spend money locally.”

Also being organised is an exhibition at The Poly, planned for January, of the images created in the Celebrating Falmouth Businesses project.

Falmouth for Business, an online resource, can now be found at and Falmouth Food and Drink Week between February 9 and 17 will see the BID promoting the food and drink sector.