This year’s primary league tables have been published, showing a gap between performances of schools in the Falmouth, Penryn, Helston and Lizard area.

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Among the best performing schools in the county were St Mary’s Primary School in Falmouth and Kennall Vale Primary School at Ponsanooth.

Both schools steered 100 per cent of their year six pupils to achieving the benchmark level four or above in maths and English exams taken back in the summer.

St Mary’s was in the top ten schools in Cornwall according to the table.
Headteacher Jacqui Scarborough said: “We are absolutely delighted that the hard work of all the pupils and staff has been recognised and reflected in the results, at the end of the pupils’ time at St Mary’s School.”

Ann Force, headteacher at Kennall Vale, was similarly delighted with the efforts of pupils.
She praised all the staff, not just the year six teachers but those that had worked with the pupils throughout their schooling, from pre-school upwards.

“We have always really prioritised basic skills, particularly reading. The others have followed,” she added.

Other high performers included Godolphin Primary School near Helston, where despite only having 88 pupils on its roll 100 per cent of eligible pupils had achieved level four in maths and 88 per cent in English.

Low down on the list was St Keverne Primary School on the Lizard Peninsula. The school, which has 49 pupils on its register, saw only 38 per cent of eligible pupils achieving a level four in maths and 50 per cent the same level in English.

Tom Harman, headteacher at St Keverne, said since September the school had begun a strong focus on the core subjects and improvements were being made.

He said: “We’re working at the moment at plugging any gaps from
Historically St Keverne has always struggled, so what we’re focussing on now is specific areas to move forward.
“So far we have had positive results and responses.”

Maths in particular was being prioritised, with the school bringing in additional support to boost pupils’ confidence in the subject.
He believed the pupils were “quite able” and knew how to answer the questions, but were often fazed when they saw the exam paper in front of them.

“It’s giving them the confidence but also the strategy for tackling what might seem tricky questions but when they go inside them they know how to do them,” explained Mr Harman.

For the full table click LeagueTable.pdf