Opponents of dredging plans in Falmouth have said recent comments by the Prime Minister put “inappropriate political pressure” on the body tasked with making the final decision.

Speaking to a liaison committee of MPs last week, David Cameron said: "Often the problem can be solved, but it's put into the too difficult box, like in the case of dredging Falmouth harbour, where we raise these things at cabinet level in order to try and get departments to bring up things that they are blocking and explain why they are blocking them and see if we can find a way through it."

The Falmouth Bay and Harbour Action Group has hit back saying the statement “exhibits a warped view of the licensing procedure in which he sees approval as the only correct and proper outcome”.

Marine biologist Dr Miles Hoskin, a spokesman for the group, said: “If consent for a project is not forthcoming, in his mind this can only be because environmental agencies are not doing their jobs properly.”