Erosion of one of Porthleven’s cliffs has led to a number of changes to make it safer for the public.

Laura Bailey, community ranger for the National Trust based at Penrose, told Porthleven’s town councillors that the cliffs overhanging the Tye Rock car park were being monitored to ensure loose rock did not fall on cars.

She said the area was now a lot safer for parking and turning round in.

Changes to the cliff path leading from the same car park were due to be completed before Christmas.

Miss Bailey said the alternations to the path were because of the undercutting of the cliff, which was becoming increasingly eroded away.

“Further on towards Loe Bar we’re employing a narrowing system, so it’s safer for people to be walking and cycling, away from the edge of the cliff,” she added.

Miss Bailey said the trust was in the process of planning an ‘easy access’ route, so people could avoid the steep steps from the car park.

“We’re just putting together an application for planning permission for the route. It’s going to be three metres wide, with natural stone and following the edge of the hedge line,” she explained.

The trust was currently in the process of putting together an application for a grant from Natural England to improve some of the routes around Penrose and would welcome feedback from members of the public, she added.

Her report to the council was the first of new regular updates that will be given to the town council, to update members of National Trust developments.