January is traditionally a time for looking ahead to the New Year, so here at the Packet we thought we would ask your local MPs what their hopes and aspirations are for the next 12 months.

Falmouth Packet: Sarah Newton MP who has put the case for dredging to the Environment Minister

Falmouth and Truro MP Sarah Newton thinks 2013 will be a decisive year for the future of the Fal Estuary, which many Falmouth and Penryn Packet and Truro Packet readers rely on for their livelihoods or recreation.

She said: “There can be few readers of the Packet whose lives are not directly connected to the future of the Fal Estuary.

“That’s why it is so important in 2013 that decisions taken about the future of the estuary are worked through with those who live, work and play on the Fal and that decisions are based on evidence.”

Mrs Newton vowed to keep pushing “for more sharing of information and effective communication from all involved” so that trust can “develop among the many people who care passionately about the estuary.”

“I believe it is possible to balance the need to continue to protect our precious marine environment with the desire to maintain a working port for many years to come,” she said.

On a more personal note, Sarah hopes to take greater advantage of social media in the New Year and “respond to the many constituents” that have asked her to take advantage of Twitter.

Falmouth Packet: George Eustice

Camborne, Redruth and Hayle MP George Eustice hopes 2013 “will be the year that the economic gloom finally lifts and that this part of Cornwall gets its confidence back.”

He noted that work should have started on the new Camborne link road by early summer and a decision to re-start mining at South Crofty could also be in the offing.

On a personal level, Mr Eustice is aiming to find “the time for more running,” which he used to do a lot in his youth – even competing at county level at one point.

“Although I don’t compete any more, I still find a morning run a good way to clear my mind,” he said. “My plan is to increase the length of those runs and try to make it out four or five days a week.”

Falmouth Packet: Andrew George

Liberal Democrat MP for West Cornwall and the Scillies, Andrew George, said he hoped 2013 would be “a year of successful hard graft and realisation of hope.”

He said: “I will be doing all I can to press for a strong economy and a fair society so that every person can get on in life.”

Mr George said his party needed to “show the Conservatives that a strong economy and a fair society isn’t created by punishing the poorest” and he hoped that he would be “proven wrong” in his prediction that the government’s health reforms will undermine the NHS.