The Packet's photographers and reporters have been out and about all week - Here are the week's picture specials all in one place.

The big one was the New Year celebrations, as revellers braved frain and chill to dress up and have some fun:

For the Helston pictures click here

For the Falmouth pictures click here

Old pictures also put in an appearance with a look back at the Falmouth waterfront of yesteryear.

Helston saw the Cury Hunt come through the town on Boxing Day, despite the wet and wild weather.

While the hardy souls in Coverack braced themselves for a very chilly Christmas swim.

For many in Falmouth it is just not Christmas until the town's Harmony Choir sing. Here is the story and picture gallery. See if you can spot yourself in the crowd.

Youngsters in Falmouth and Penryn were putting their acting skills to the test as schools held Nativity Plays over Christmas. Lots of fantastic pictures here.


Last, and certainly not least was Gangnam Gary and his police chums doing a dance for charity. While video rather than pictures, it is still worth a look.

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