A charity video featuring Falmouth police officers dancing to one of last year’s biggest pop hits went live online this afternoon.

Sergeant Gary Watts and his troupe of bobbing bobbies were filmed at various locations around town last week dancing to South Korean singer PSY’s summer smash Gangnam Style.

BELOW: Watch Sgt Watts and the ‘Gangnam Policemen’ (and women) in action.

They are hoping to raise funds and awareness for a 12-year-old boy with a reoccurring brain tumour through their high-kicking efforts.

The off-duty officers featured include PCs Barry Nicholas and Chris Vincent and PCSOs Ellie Grey and Chris Braddon.

They can be seen BELOW dancing on Pendennis Point for the video.

Falmouth Packet:

Firefighters from Falmouth Fire Station were due to appear in the video dancing out of a cloud of smoke, but this had to be cancelled after an emergency call was received halfway through the shoot (BELOW).

Falmouth Packet:

Sgt Watts vowed to make the Gangnam Style video if he reached 5,000 followers on social networking website Twitter before the end of 2012 – a feat he duly achieved with a little help from the #GangnamPoliceman hashtag.

For more information on Joshua Wilson, the young boy with a brain tumour who the video seeks to benefit, search for Joshuas Journey on Facebook.

Joshua was first diagnosed in 2004. He now has severe neuromuscular disabilities and his family need to raise £25,000 to adapt their home.

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BELOW: The video, which went live this afternoon, also features Sgt Watts sat on the toilet.

Falmouth Packet:

The original Gangnam Style video is the most watched in the history of the internet, surpassing one billion views in December.

You can watch the original Gangnam Style video BELOW: