Parking bays in Helston's Wendron Street should remain exactly as they are, according to the town's councillors.

The planning committee of the town council had been asked for its views on a proposal to reduce the length of the limited waiting bay by six metres and introduce a short length of “no waiting at any time” restrictions by the entrance to Windsor Court.

Speaking at the start of the meeting, Cornwall Councillor Judith Haycock, who represents the Helston Central ward, told members that the extra bays outside the St John Ambulance hall had caused problems with visibility for cars leaving Windsor Court.

She believed that by removing a section, the length of one car, would resolve the issue.

A letter of objection from a nearby resident was then read out and after a proposal from councillor Niall Devenish, backed up by councillor John Martin, the committee unanimously recommended that the changes be refused.

They believed there was no evidence that the changes were needed, as they were not aware of any accidents with cars emerging from Windsor Court and Mill Court.

At the same time, reducing the bay by six metres would result in the loss of two free parking spaces, which they felt would “have an impact on the vitality of the town centre.”

Members also had concerns over how effective enforcement currently was over “no waiting” restrictions.