A men's social club in Camborne is looking forward to welcoming new members who want to make a change in their life this New Year.

The Camborne Round Table, part of a worldwide social networking and charitable organisation for men between 20 and 40, is hoping for a rise in membership this January.

Jason Thomson, a member, said: “For many guys, the new year provides an opportunity to look at life and make some changes.

“Round Table is all about providing a fun and relaxed environment where men from all walks of life can get involved in a huge range of team activities to boost their skills and help their local community.”

Set up in 1927 the Round Table organisation involves thousands of men around the country, providing an opportunity for them to make new friends and get involved in their neighbourhood.

With the New Year bringing about the need for change and a fresh start, Jason described the Camborne Round Table as a good place to start, “We tick more than a few boxes for those looking to keep this year's resolution,” he said.

“The secret to a good resolution is to be specific, be realistic and make it fun and rewarding - something I can guarantee men will get out of the Round Table.”

To find out more about getting involved the organisations, including how to join, e-mail join@roundtable.org.uk.

“We're welcoming anyone who's interesting to go along to their local Table,” said Jason. “Try it for free and see what it's all about.”