Sharp-eyed schoolkids caught out knife-wielding Falmouth man

7:00am Friday 18th January 2013

Three children’s sharp eyes and eagerness to help the police led to officers arresting a Falmouth man who hid a 12-inch knife in a hedge, Truro magistrates heard.

Alex Burgoyne, aged 20, of Trevaylor Road, Falmouth pleaded guilty to having a knife with him in a public place at Falmouth on January 12 and also to breaching a drink banning order on the same day.

Gail Hawkley, for the Crown Prosecution Service, said that on November 20 magistrates had imposed the drink banning order with a suspended sentence, after he was convicted of assault.

The order banned him from being found under the influence of alcohol in a public place.

On January 12 police officers were conducting an unrelated search on a residential estate in Falmouth when Burgoyne walked past them and they noticed he was smelling very strongly of alcohol and could hardly walk unaided. They were approached by three children who told them they had seen Burgoyne place a large knife in a hedge when he had spotted the officers approaching. A large black handled knife, 12 inches long and with an eight-inch blade was recovered.

Burgoyne had previous convictions.

Charles Hulley, his solicitor, said he still had not learnt. He had a troubled upbringing while in care and was currently living a hand-to-mouth existence, having difficulty finding somewhere to sleep, and was drinking a lot of cider.

The knife had not been used to threaten anyone or cause any fear.

Burgoyne was told his suspended sentence would be activated and sent to prison for its 12 week period, consecutive with 21 days imposed for his knife possession.


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