Plans to 'sell off land' around Carn Brea leisure centre must not short change the public, says one Cornwall Councillor.

The call comes as Cornwall Council considers selling parking areas and the running track for development, as well as awarding a new 99 year lease to spark long term investment.

Jude Robinson, the lone Labour voice on the authority said the proposal that was put to local councillors some time ago was to market test the sale of the land and only to proceed if it enabled a new leisure centre on land nearby.

"The new idea, to sell off some of the land, bung an inadequate sum to the existing centre for a lick of paint and hive off the money to other projects in other parts of Cornwall, stinks," said Mrs Robinson.

"This land belonged to Kerrier District Council, it is a local asset and local taxpayers here paid for the leisure centre. This area has the worst health inequalities and highest rates of diabetes in Cornwall. Exercise and healthy activity should be at the centre of future development and that means better facilities.

"When the new Unitary was formed, title to the land passed from Kerrier to Cornwall Council. Yes, we have to work together as a Unitary authority. No, that does not mean a smash and grab raid on the poorest areas to fund projects elsewhere.

"What happened to localism and consultation? Initially the market testing idea was run past local councillors. This new travesty is being taken straight to a committee at the council.

She added: "I very much hope the lease agreement is solid and that the community Trust that runs the centre, dig their heels in until Cornwall Council comes up with sensible proposals that provide the people of this community with the new leisure centre they deserve and the relocation of the running track nearby, not the other end of Cornwall."