It has been an eventful week in the bus shelter world. Just like buses, one goes for months never giving them a thought only for two interesting occurrences in the same week.

It appears that as one shelter is created another dies, such is the circle of life, even for bus stops. Peninsular Point of View (PPV) the Packet's new column looking at what is happening on the Lizard Peninsula, was somewhat amazed to discover the destruction of the Edgcumbe shelter, which had always appeared to be of sturdy structure. Whether by accident or design, it had all the appearances of a sledgehammer being taken to it.

This column is in the process of making inroads to discover the reason behind the sudden collapse.

Meanwhile, PPV has been watching the building of a bus shelter at Trevenen with great interest.

Having long passed up bus travel for the benefits of a car, PPV now sees the students of today suffering seasonal discomforts, huddled under hoods, school bags acting – ineffectively – as makeshift umbrellas.

It is therefore with vicarious delight that this column has witnessed, on its daily commute, the creation of a fine shelter – concrete blocks covered in plaster and a proper slate roof. And not before time, with ‘autumn’ and ‘winter’ – and potentially ‘spring’ – now apparently merging into one single, seven-month ‘monsoon season in Helston.